Use the Cloud
to Open Doors.

Give access to workers, members, and friends all through an app

Turn Phones into Keys

Phones don't (typically) get lost, or forgotten, everyone will have their keys on them

Secure Access

Using secure Auth0 Technology your building will remain safe

Easy Access

Simply add users through email addresses and set their access level

Eliminate RFID Cards

No need to produce wasteful cards or fobs for everyone in the office

Set Up Multiple Doors

Add members via email address. Members are added to groups which have access to certain doors

Pop'n'Lock Can Be Set Up on Doors Using their Existing Hardware

The Pop'n'Lock team will come to install the hardware on any doors you want to grant people access to.

Give Different Groups Access to Doors

Using Pop'n'Locks administrator interface you will be able to set user groups to have access to certain doors.

Set Up Multiple Groups

Add Users

All it takes to set someone up with their key is an app download and an invite email address.

Create Groups and Add Users to Them

Create groups with settings to have access to different doors, and add times in which they are allowed to have access.

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